Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exotic Bicycles of Yucatan

This bike started life as a conservative Schwinn but when Carlos *Cherli” Dzidz Chí got it, he has mexicanized it with reflectors, ribbons and fancy do-dads. Now it is exotic.

 Dr. Steven Fry is a trendsetter. CD rear reflectors, rubber chicken squeeze horn, angle-iron seat extension, rubber hose speed shifter and numerous other eccentric innovations make his bicycle  at home in Mexico
.Biking on the streets of Yucatán; one kid to steer, one for locomotion and a passenger aft.  A device called a “diablo”, or devil is fastened to the axle shaft ends and is designed to stand on making extended passenger carrying capacity possible in the land where safety is an option.

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For bicycling in Yucatán, check out our website: 

Finally the book for traveling adventures who want to see more than just trinket shops and crowded tourist traps has arrived:

Built one stone at a time like the Mayan pyramids; Over a quarter of a century of inspired exploration and recording of our travels in captioned photo stories has led my wife and me to compile an impressive collection of outings that are the foundation for this book, built one story at a time.
We present the best of the best after over twenty-five years; places, excursions and outings. Each place we have visited we like for different reasons; tranquility, history, view of village life, and connect with the Maya past and present, change of scenery, and a look at a uniquely distinctive region. 

Available in Kindle and soon in paperback. 


eddieMex said...

Thanks for sharing. I just visited your website -- lots of great stuff on there. Great work!

Michael Kane said...

Just curious if the buses you travel to destinations will only take your fold down style of bike and not a regular bike that does not fold down? thanks

JJ Yucatan said...

All the first class buses will take full sized bikes and some of the second class buses can accommodate them but not all as the luggage compartments on some 2nd class buses are small. The advantage of a folder is they will fit on all buses, in the vans or even in a taxi.

Michael Kane said...

Thanks for the info about bikes on buses.