Saturday, May 29, 2010

52 Years of Newspaper Delivery by Bicycle - Streets of Mérida

  Eligio Chi Perez, pictured below, begins his day before sunrise by riding his bicycle seven kilometers from his home in Colonial Bojorquez to the Diario de Yucatán office in downtown Mérida to pick up  newspapers to deliver.

  Each day his delivery of 175 newspapers takes him as far north as the Grand Plaza area, eight kilometers north.
  Still smiling, seventy-one year old Eligio has faithfully made his rounds for the past fifty-two years.
  Amazingly, he has only worn out two bicycles in the process and not burned a single drop of gasoline.
  Congratulations to one of Yucatán’s most ecologically friendly citizens, Eligio Chi Perez.

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Nancy said...

Bless his heart...and only two bicycles! Thank you for featuring this hard-working citizen.