Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Morning in Caffé Latte, Mérida, Yucatán

What do we do on Saturday mornings? We go to visit our favorite coffee shop, drink an iced coffee, read the newspaper and visit with friends. We often can be found here also on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning. Did I mention that Caffé Latte is our favorite coffee stop!
Inside Caffé Latte. They roast organic coffees from Chiapas and Vera Cruz, Mexico
Rosario May Pech is the owner of Caffé Latte. In this photo she is with the man who was her first customer when she opened the the shop 14 years ago.
Christian Santamaria is one of Rosario's younger customers. His parents used to bike here on Saturday mornings for years before he was born.
Danny and Martin are the coffee brewers, roasters and servers.
This table is reserved for this group who meet every morning at 10:30. Today they were celebrating the birthday of one of the group.
Today Don Herbie celebrated his birthday and was given hugs by two of his favorite girls, Rosario and her daughter Carmen.
They serve more than coffee at Caffé Latte. They have delicious sandwiches and burritos. And Carmen says the homemade brownies are delicious too! They also serve teas and smoothies.
John is enjoying a special brew of iced coffee created by Martin of Caffé Latte.

For the best coffee and ambiance in Mérida, visit our favorite coffee shop, Caffé Latte in Colonia Itzimná. Calle 18 Av. Perez Ponce No 96 C Itzimná, It is near the corner with Calle 21 and the church.


Anonymous said...

What great pictures and narrative. I can hardly wait to try this place out along with Casa del Espanol later this year. I've been enjoying regularly reading about your bike trips. However, your food and beverage writing has really gotten me excited. Most of all I enjoy the contented looks on your faces that are in all your pictures. Hammockman

Meridiano said...

You forgot to mention a nice park with beautiful church in its center. Magnificent villas are all around in adjoining streets. Did I mention that Caffe Latte has the best and most aromatic coffee in town.