Monday, June 2, 2008

10 Year Old Juan Carlos bravely stands up to adversity

Ten year old Juan Carlos after several radical surgeries to correct a life threatening spinal deformity must undergo yet another operation due to bodily rejection. The surgery is scheduled for June 11.

His desperately poor poverty stricken parents have mortgaged everything and now are at the mercy of those that can be benevolent.

This brave little soul feels the heavy burden his condition has placed on his family. Juan Carlos and his family live in the village of Telchac Pueblo in Yucatan, Mexico

Please help them. Here are some ways you can help:

  • If you live in Mexico, you can make a donation at any Scotia Bank to the account number 1546821, K.L.M. Wingate, Scotia Bank Inverlat, 04 Campeste, Merida 170 (clave interbancario 044910170015468215) Please confirm that you have made a deposit by sending an email to:
  • From anywhere, you can send funds through Paypal to
  • Place an order with Amazon by originating your order through the Amazon search box on this site and a percentage of the purchase price will go to the fund to help Juan Carlos.
You can see Juan Carlos and his family at: Once on the site, just click on Juan Carlos on the left.

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