Sunday, October 10, 2010

Huevos Motuleños

                                                                   Huevos Motuleños
This tantalizing strictly Yucatecan breakfast creation built of toasted tortillas covered with refried black beans, fried eggs, tangy tomato sauce, green peas, chopped ham and grated fresh cheese and often accompanied by French bread to soak up the sauce, has become a national favorite. To finish, sweet fully ripened plantains (a type of banana) fried to a golden brown are served.

The originator of Motuleños is the Restaurant Siqueff and they are located on Calle 60 in the center just south of the Hotel Hyatt. Excellent quality and lovely ambiance are made even better by the fact that they are bicycle friendly. 


ron said...

Huevos Motuleños were developed by a cook of Felipe Carrillo Puerto's for a visiting European.

I will try to find the article, but that is how they originate

Ron said...

I found it here

Huevos Motuleños
The somewhat crass juxtaposition of a legendary hero with a breakfast dish will hopefully be forgiven. But in truth the two are intricately interwoven, and I personally cannot eat Huevos Motuleños without thinking of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

During his tenure as governor, Carrillo Puerto was known to host “power lunches” during which he could review his agenda with staff and aides, as well as turn deals with other local politicos. A favorite Motul restaurant was La Sin Rival, owned by the Siqueff family, and popular with hacendados of the region who went there for venison steak or treats from the bakery also owned by the Siqueffs. The governor’s preferred meal service was to receive many small plates, with a wide variety of garnishes and accompaniments to the main dish. On one such occasion in 1922 – which the Siqueffs had arranged to host in the famed Motul cenote – so many people showed up in attendance that the cooks realized they would not have enough service pieces. So, in a stroke of creativity, the head chef created the new egg dish that would have all of the accompaniments and garnishes served on a single plate – and Huevos Motuleños was born.