Saturday, June 13, 2009


In a town with more art galleries than Oxxo stores displaying merchandise of questionable worth and dubious appeal, it is at least refreshing to come upon a gem.

The SoHo gallery located on Calle 60 between 41 and 43 features several artists simultaneously. And at this moment you may see the works of one of Merida’s finest artists; David Reed.
David has his impressive collection of remarkable Indigenous faces, here are samples;

Here is the artist himself, the very talented David Reed pictured with Juanita Stein the editor of Yucatan Today Magazine.

Also showing at SoHo are works by Viviana Hinajosa, Manuel Taure Garcia,
Nicholas Lavroff, and sculptures and ceramics by American artist Joseph Kurhajek,

Plus a collection of Cuban art recently purchased in Havana done by young Cuban artists.
All of the works are for sale.

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